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January 21, 2012
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Ashley Resident Evil 6 test 1 by Hello-Kt-Cosplay Ashley Resident Evil 6 test 1 by Hello-Kt-Cosplay

Ok, so its almost 100% now Sherry, so before I get a bunch of comments saying Im wrong and it's Sherry; I am aware. As a Ashley cosplayer (and fan) It's a tad sad but I admit it.

so please dont comment that I have the title wrong. Let this poor cosplayer have a dream *A*



ok this is the start of the newest cosplay to my lineup.

Ashley from Resident Evil 6. I got just about everything from just the trailer they have up online.

as you can see, I have the coat, pants, shirt and gloves already.

the most perfect pair of boots sadly didnt come in my size (thanks to my giant feet) so I am going to be working with some ideas to get the right look.

the belt wont be too hard to get; just a brown belt with gold loos.

so what i need is;
- the blue scarf
- short wig
- brown belt
- add some fur to the bottom of the coat
- loops to the arms
- Boots

it seems like a lot but its really not too bad *lol*

the colors are hard to see right now so if they are a tad off sue me :P
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I dunno if anyone told you or you found out, but this is Sherry Birkin. Not Ashley Graham;
Spoliers below---
Ashley only made an appearance in four, and Sherry made an appearance in two and six. Ashley and Sherry have the same haircut and child-like features, but Sherry was locked up in a lab because of the G-Virus within her, so when Leon was sent to get Ashley, Sherry couldn't have been there because she wasn't able to leave the labs and tests until 2009, when Wesker died. Ashely never makes an appearance in six, but I can see why you'd get confuse; Same haircut, chikd features, connection to Leon, having a high power(Presidents daughter and being a National Securities adviser), etc.
please read the description. i clearly ask to not comment telling me its sherry. i know. ive known since i made this post over a year ago..

It's Sherry. Just thought I'd share. :)
MaryWesker Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoo! I support this! If it's Ashley or Sherry in terms of cosplay it doesn't matter; you can do either or. And I bet it'll be nice to have a warm comfy cosplay! I was freezing my ass off last AB; leather is NOT warm!
Glad to see i wasn't the only one studying the trailer for a new cosplay.
Wow, the legendary warm and comfy cosplay actually exists. *le sign*
Finish it up soon before the snow melts. I want to see some awesome pictures!
BluePandaCosplay Jan 22, 2012  Student General Artist
are you sure the blonde girl from resident evil 6 is Ashley?

also listen to her voice.

i am 99% sure it is.

they bring in President Graham so why not her?
BluePandaCosplay Jan 22, 2012  Student General Artist
your right i think it is her, especial on this trailer:

the guy shes with is explaining prices for things he has to kill possibly a mercenary workin for her father and for some reason he has to baby sit her, just like leon did in resi 4 XD
"It has been confirmed via blog the blonde haired female IS Sherry Birkin, brought in by the Government at the young age and now fully grown to take on B.O.W.s. It is possible that Ashley will show up in some capacity in Resident Evil 6."

via IGN's wiki
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